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Important Information

Important Information

We don’t like to call these Terms and Conditions because then no-one reads them! However, this document is definitely useful, especially if you are a new member as it provides information about payment set up and when we close. It also provides information on what to do if you are leaving the club.

Medical Information

Please always keep your medical information up to date on your Love Admin account. This information can be seen on the electronic register when the Coaches sign your child in.

For those children with special needs or serious medical issues, we also ask you to fill in a Medical Information Form (MIF) with more detail, which is kept in the gym. This means that we always have this to to refer to, in the case of an incident. Click below for a copy of this form.

Safeguarding Safe Environment Policy

We are lucky to have a great facility with a seating area and glass partitioning which provides an open plan training facility. We take safeguarding very seriously and have put together some guidelines about how we will keep your gymnast safe.

Safeguarding Social Media Policy

The safety of our gymnasts is our primary concern. We often use Social Media platforms to shout about our gymnasts achievements, but we also take great care to protect your privacy.

Safeguarding Safe Trips Policy

From time to time, Coaches may be responsible for gymnasts away from the gym. For example at a competition, or when gymnasts accompany us on Coaching Courses. Click below for the checklist and forms that need to be filled in by Coaches and Parents of Gymnasts.

Health and Safety Policy

We carry out regular risk assessments and always put the safety of your gymnast at the top of our agenda. Please feel free to read further our policy.

Ear Piercing Form

Our Insurers stipulate that neither coaches nor gymnasts can wear jewellery in the gym. However, they do recognise that when ears are newly pierced they are not able to be taken out. Therefore you are able to tape them up for the first 6 weeks. You will need to fill in the form below and give to the coaches at the start of the lesson. After that they must be removed. Thank you.

Complaint, Incident and Allegation Policy

We pride ourselves in listening to feedback and improving as a result, and always welcome your point of view. We vary rarely need to use this policy, but we understand the importance of having it in place to protect your children.

Privacy Policy

Due to GDPR we must have a Privacy Policy! Here it is, but its not very exciting!

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy (we have to have one of these also!)

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