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General Gymnastics

General Gymnastics

After School and Saturday Gymnastics classes at 231 London Road.

During every lesson, the gymnasts will do skills on Floor, Vault, Bars and Beam and every 6 weeks (approx.) they will work towards our own Award Scheme, with the opportunity to purchase a medal.

They will learn core skills depending on their ability, such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, progressing towards walkovers, handsprings and back flips.

Twice a year, we will display a floor routine and vault to parents who can come into the gym to watch or once a year we will run a club competition. The class is 50 minutes.

After School and Weekend Classes Fees

£41.75 each month for a weekly class: Fees are paid by Direct Debit.

The Annual Membership Fee of £21.50 will be debited from your London & Zurich account. This fee includes your child’s insurance.

Classes run throughout the year except 2 weeks at Christmas, 10 days at Easter, and Bank Holiday Mondays in May and August. The monthly payment is the same every month, as it takes account of the holiday breaks.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay the monthly fee by any other method.

We are a non-profit making club, and can provide financial assistance depending on your circumstances, please email or call Janine on 07808 808815.