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Club Dates

Our Classes

Our Classes run throughout school holidays.
(including Preschool* and Trampolining**)

We only close on Bank Holidays, 10 days at Easter and, 2 weeks at Christmas. We also allow drop ins in our After School and Saturday classes during the Summer. Click on Calendar below for exact dates, as these change from Year to Year.

* exception of Wednesday Pre School classes which close during Herts Half Term holidays in October, February and May

** exception of all Trampoline and Gymnastics Schools Clubs which run whenever the school is open.


july, 2024

Link for bookable Sunday and Holiday clubs:

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Gymnastics Summer 2024 Drop In Dates:

Wed 24th July 2024 to Sat 31st August 2024

  • We appreciate that many of you will take holidays during the school holidays. You may also have missed sessions throughout the year (due to illness, family trips and bank holidays). Therefore, as classes are quiet during the summer holidays, we encourage ‘Drop-ins’. This means your gymnast (in an After-School/Saturday class) can make up any classes, they may have missed; they can come along to another class at another time in the week in addition to their normal class. There is no need to book in, just turn up and tell the coaches that this is an additional class and they will make a note of your attendance.
  • Just make sure that any classes you attend are close to your age group and are the same type as their current class (please use the timetable for reference Class Timetable)
  • NB This does NOT include trampoline, however our trampolinists can do back to back sessions on a Monday during the summer holidays also.