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Award Scheme FAQs

British Gymnastics Award Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

Every 6 weeks (approx) we dedicate a week to observing the gymnasts for their current Award Level. You will see us in the gym with our clipboards on those weeks. You will find the dates on Key Dates part of our website.

View awards scheme journey summary (pdf)

If you are unable to make one of our Award classes, then don’t worry, your gymnast will continue to work on the skills needed for their Award and they will be assessed again at the next Award week (approx 6 weeks – please see Key Dates on our Website to find out when the next one will be)

At the end of the Award week, all the information is put into the system (which is quite a big job!) and then an email will be sent out to those that have passed (usually by the Wed of the following week). The certificates are then given out 2 weeks after the Awards week lesson.

Congratulations, that’s a great stage to have reached. That means that he has completed all the Core Proficency Awards. He will now move on to Advanced Awards starting at Bronze, then Silver then Gold

We start all new joiners at Badge 8. We understand that children progress at different speeds so we assess the children reguarly, to enable everyone to work through the Awards at their own speed.

However, if you really would like for your child to start at a higher award please do email us at enquiries@stortfordgymnastics and we will move them if we feel that is the best for their motivation and confidence. If your child has done any previous Awards at a different club, again please do let us know so that we can make sure they start with us at the correct level.