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Pre School

Kicking Kittens

Adult and Baby from 9 months to 2 years

This 45 minute class is aimed to stimulate learning through Sensory (Hand apparatus i.e; balls, bells and bean bags), Song (through Nursery rhymes to encourage talking/singing) and Play (using gymnastics equipment to build confidence and muscular function). There is some structure to the sessions with time for exploration of the equipment. Finishing the session with a song and stickers!!

Class details :

Thursday 9.30-10.15am


Kicking Kittens:  £34 each month for a weekly class and a £5 Annual Membership Fee

Courageous Cats

Adult and Toddler aged 18 mths to 3 or4 yrs

This is a 45-minute session where adults and child come into the gym together. There will be at least one qualified coach who will introduce the group with songs and a warm up encouraging the use of hand apparatus such as bean bags, quoits and pom poms to help develop fine motor skills. For much of the lesson, the children are free to explore the main apparatus in the gym under your supervision. Ideas will be provided by the qualified coach to help your child develop their gross motor skills further. The session will finish as a group with familiar nursery rhymes.

We will look to move gymnasts out of this class and into Leaping Lions once they turn 3 years old (sometimes sooner if they are emotionally and physically ready).


18 mths-3 years
Friday : 9.15-10am,
Monday, Wednesday and Fridays : 10.15-11am
Thursday : 10.30-11.15

18mths-4 years
Wednesday : 11.15-Midday
Thursday: 13.45-14.30
Sunday 9.00-9.45am & 10-10.45am

Fees : 

£35.50 each month for a weekly class and a £5 Annual Membership Fee

Wednesday Courageous Cats : £33.50 does not run through Hertfordshire half term (February, May and October)

Leaping Lions

Independent fully structured ages 3 & 4

This is a 45-minute class for children aged from 3 until they start Reception, and is the first opportunity for them to be in the gym on their own. There will be up to 21 children in the class, depending on the number of gymnasts per class will depend on the coach ratio. Up to 16 gymnasts is at least 2 qualified coaches, up to 21 gymnasts is 3 qualified coaches. Where possible, we also aim to provide a non-qualified helper in all our Pre-School classes.

All sessions will have a theme which will be introduced during the group warm-up. One week, the theme may be sports; the children will be ‘surfing’ on the beam, another week they may be at the circus balancing on the ‘tight rope!’

For much of the lesson, the children will work in small groups. Each activity will be designed to help them develop a particular gymnastic skill e.g. forward roll, handstand. We will encourage the children to keep active throughout the session with ribbons, hoops and other hand apparatus designed to develop their fine motor skills further.

The children will have the opportunity to work towards their Pre-School 1, 2 & 3 Awards.

We have a fantastic, highly qualified team of Pre-School Coaches, who are extremely warm and welcoming to the children and will ensure they all have a fabulous time!

Class details :

Monday and Friday : 11.15-Midday and 12.45-13.30, Friday also has 13.45-14.30
Thursday : 11.30-12.15 & 12.45-13.30

Fees :

£41.25 each month for a weekly class


The annual Stortford Gymnastics membership fee is £21.50 per year and includes your insurance

Classes run throughout the year except 2 weeks at Christmas, 10 days at Easter, and Bank Holiday Mondays in May and August.

We are a non-profit making club, and can provide financial assistance depending on your circumstances, please email or call Janine on 07808 808815.