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What our customers say…

“As a parent, I have loved watching the sessions that you deliver at the club. They are professional, safe and most importantly fun. The exercises and activities are so well put together and developmental for kids. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the club to every parent I speak to”
Matt Little, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Team Andrew Murray

Our Recreational Classes for Children 4-12

"H absolutely loved his classes. Every class was fun and gave him lots of new skills. When he started 1.5 years ago, he was lacking confidence. Now he is able to climb, use monkey bars and even learnt how to ride his bike as his balance rapidly improved. You provided him with a welcoming environment and encourage him to challenge himself in most safe way"
"I think you guys and your team are doing an absolutely sterling job! I'm so impressed with the way you structure your classes so that all kids are constantly engaged"
"G has loved his time with you. I think it’s a super club for allowing children of ALL abilities to attend for such fun sessions"
"Hi is absolutely loving your gymnastics - it is most definitely the highlight of her week and she seems to spend an increasing amount of time upside down - everytime I go into the lounge she is teaching herself flips etc with the sofa as the crash mat! (Not ideal!) Many thanks for running such a great club"

Trampolining Classes for Children from Age 6

"M has only been attending the trampolining lessons for a little while but absolutely loves it and has already passed some badges. It has definitely help bust her confidence and made new friends outside of school. All the coaches are great and always available if you need to speak to them, I'm very happy with the lessons"
"A loves the trampoline classes...very positive from This end!"

Our Kicking Kittens Classes for Babies up to 18 month

"We had a great session. She really enjoyed the time we had exploring the equipment and the more structured activities on the mat. We're looking forward to our next session"
"We enjoyed the class. I thought it was really useful for the babies to be able to explore their environment and become familiar with the gym with the free play around the equipment"

Our Courageous Cats Classes for Children 18 months to 3 years

"The high balance beam seemed to be her favourite - at 16 months, the girl has no fear! I'm so glad she has such an enthusiastic teacher! We came out of class beaming! I can't wait to see her progress with your help and I very much look forward to Mondays now!"
"Thank you so much for making A's gymnastics so much fun. He loves your classes and he loves you, Niki! His confidence in balancing and climbing has really grown and he was doing gymnastics at the park today, actually! Hanging from some loops. And yesterday when he jumped off the couch he landed very gracefully on the floor. Ask him to show you his Willy Wonka impersonation. The rolypol.. I mean, FORWARD ROLL he does is so, what's the word, smooth?"
"We really enjoyed it thank you, looking forward to coming back on Monday! Just need to persuade her to try some equipment other than the bars!"

Our Leaping Lions Classes for Pre Schoolers 3 yrs plus

"He loved the class and asked to go again! I am really pleased with the excellent skills (and patience) of the coaches. Thank you again for the opportunity"
"Honestly, I am so pleased I enrolled her with you guys! She has surpassed my expectations and is really enjoying herself. I'm really impressed with the measures you have put in place to ensure our, and others' safety"
"She has loved the classes so far and really enjoys the different activities. She’s been talking about it a lot at home and we’ve been (safely) practicing some of the skills in the living room!"

Zoom classes during lockdown 1 and 2!

"I cannot speak highly enough of the Trio Training sessions we took part in during lockdown #1, when Abi absolutely thrived - literally coming along leaps and bounds through the sessions you ran! I was truly amazed at the progress Abi made. She learned so many new skills and it was all a credit to the fabulous instructors, who over zoom were able to instruct, watch, coach and talk Abi through corrections and adjustments which enabled her in every single sessions to come away with a new skill! Abi’s fitness and flexibility increased dramatically too and the quality of her gymnastics was fine tuned, resulting in a stronger and far more controlled gymnast. It really was incredible to watch. We are so grateful for everything you did (and continue to do) for us and feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful club!"
“I just wanted to let you know that F did much better this morning on her Zoom class than with any video classes she has attempted before. She needed quite a lot of support from Dad to remain focused and engaged at times, but she was definitely enjoying and participating, so we are really grateful to the coaches who took the class and hopeful she can keep it up during lockdown.”
“I really enjoyed the zoom session, thank you - we didn’t do it last time so it was her first one today”
"Thanks for forwarding the YouTube link for the recorded version. K was able to do this at her Dads on Sunday and they really enjoyed doing this together. She's getting quite a six pack now. Look forward to getting sent the next links. Thanks"
"My LO started Leaping Lions not too long ago and loves her sessions! She talks about it all week and loves showing everyone what she has learnt!! We were little unsure about the move to Zoom during November (only as my LO didn't take to it during the last lockdown) but after her first Zoom class today she fully engaged and enjoyed still being able to take part! Niki was great at involving the children and really encouraged them and made it fun! We also have the link to keep practicing what she learnt throughout the rest of the week! Fantastic classes, I would (and have) really recommend!"
“C really enjoyed her first zoom session on Saturday morning :)”
“E absolutely loves the trio training. It pushes her to a new level and helps her learn new skills, especially as it is a lot more individualized. ”

Google Reviews

Laura Tyler
My children have really enjoyed their time at Stortford Gymnastics. They have found the sessions really fun and have learnt lots of new skills. The coaches are amazing!
Sally Lucas
Great amazing so kind
Paul Carrington
Stortford Gymnastics have provided some wonderful support to our little boy. Being a covid baby he is very shy and reluctant to join in activities on his own. Niki made a tremendous effort to gain his trust and allow him to join in the group classes. He loves the gymnastics classes and we are very grateful for everything she and the team have done.
Lyndsay Couch
Absolutely brilliant! My little one loves his sessions here. Seeing his confidence & ability grow every week is great. Teacher Niki is fab with the little ones.
Caroline Penny
My daughter loves going to her gymnastics class, and it has given her new skills and interests, plus developed her personal confidence. The team are lovely 😍. Thank you.
Lucy Dowsett
Fabulous gymnastics club with friendly staff. Highly recommend.
Sara M
Lovely, well-organised gymnastics club, my daughter loves going to her lessons and has learnt so much, and the coaches and staff are really friendly and accommodating.