Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions - October 2017


  1. Classes are payable by Direct Debit using the Go Cardless Scheme. The same payment is due every month and is calculated pro rata so there is no change in fees over Easter and Christmas when the club is closed. (Pre School classes are also closed for last 2 weeks in August). Closing Dates can be found on our website and in the gym.
  2. After your first class with Stortford Gymnastics, an Annual Fee of £21.50 will be debited from your Go Cardless account. This fee includes the gymnast’s Insurance fee with British Gymnastics. If joining between January to May we charge £14.50, if a child starts between June to August we charge £7.50. Please note parents will be charged £21.50 every year in September.
  3. If your child decides to leave the classes then you must provide at least 4 weeks’ notice by email to enquiries@stortfordgymnastics.com. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit, we will do this to ensure that the mandate is completely closed.  A £10 admin fee will be charged if this process is not followed. Thank you.
  4. Payments for all other goods and services (such as clothing and awards) must be paid using your Go Cardless account. Cash can only be accepted if authorised by Club owners.


  1. An Enrolment Form must be completed and given to one of the coaches before their first lesson.
  2. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given for classes that are missed for any reason.


  1. Children must always be appropriately dressed to be able to participate in the lesson. i.e leotards/T-shirt/shorts/leggings. Tighter garments are better as loose clothing tends to expose skin when children are upside down. Club kit is not compulsory though is available to purchase at reception.
  2. Children should not wear jewellery, long hair should be tied back, bare feet, no zips or buttons.
  3. Coaches reserve the right to ask children to leave the gym if they feel that their behaviour is putting themselves or others in an unsafe situation.
  4. Gymnasts must not leave the gym during a lesson unless they have permission from their coach.


  1. Parents of children under 6 should stay at the gym whilst the children are in their lesson. Parents of older children are welcome to stay or to leave the premises. Please note that there may be times when a coach specifically requests that you stay or may also suggest that your child may progress better without your presence.
  2. Parents should not enter the gym whilst lessons are in progress, unless they are invited to do so by a Coach. If invited to enter the gym, shoes must be removed.


Coaches are British Gymnastics members and therefore adhere to their Child Protection Policy. This requires that all coaches are DBS checked, are suitably qualified and attend regular First Aid courses.

These terms and conditions are available on the Stortford Gymnastics website at www.stortfordgymnastics.com and are displayed in the gym. If any changes are made, these will be highlighted on the display board.


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