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Good feedback and happy children is what we are all about at Stortford Gymnastics. We really are very passionate about customer service and satisfaction, and want to ensure both children and adults feel very comfortable at our club!

"Whilst I've got your attention, I always want to tell you at class but you're so busy...

I think you guys and your team are doing an absolutely sterling job!

I'm so impressed with the way you structure your classes so that all kids are constantly engaged, and I think you should take a second to stop once in a while to look around and take stock of how happy each and every child is in the class!

Keep up the good work and please pass my comments onto your team x"



"Harry absolutely loved his classes. Every class was fun and gave him lots of new skills. When he started 1,5 years ago, he was lacking confidence in many physical activities. Now he is able to climb, use monkey bars and even learnt how to ride his bike as his balance rapidly improved. You provided him with a welcoming  and warm environment and encourage him to challenge himself in most safe way. 

We wish you all the best as you truly are the best club."

Kind regards Kamila

"Just a quick note. Hannah is absolutely loving your gymnastics - it is most definitely the highlight of her week and she seems to spend an increasing amount of time upsidedown  - everytime I go into the lounge she is teaching herself flips etc with the sofa as the crash mat! (Not ideal!)

Anyway I am keen to support such enthusiasm and was looking for additional classes and noticed something about a squad.

Many thanks for running such a great club"



" I just wanted to say thank you and to say how much Imogen enjoyed the competition this morning.   It was really well organised and a very  friendly and relaxed environment for the children - I couldn't see a single child from any of the schools without a massive smile on their face!

Thanks again, a wonderful experience for them all!"


Sarah F

"Hi Niki

Thank you so much for making Adi's gymnastics so much fun. He loves your classes and he loves you! His confidence in balancing and climbing has really grown and he was doing gymnastics at the park today, actually! Hanging from some loops. And yesterday when he jumped off the couch he landed very gracefully on the floor. Ask him to show you his Willy Wonka impersonation. The rolypol.. I mean, FORWARD ROLL he does is so, what's the word, smooth?

Nico handed in his resignation today so we will be moving on the weekend of Adi's last lesson. How's that for perfect timing hey! I'm very sad that he won't be able to continue with you though."



I wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work over this term getting the girls to a cracking standard for the competition tonight. You have shown real passion and dedication and the girls are all so motivated to do well. Thank you for your wonderful effort, it really hasn't gone unnoticed amongst the parents. We are delighted that you have brought the girls on so well in such a short space of time. Their performances were pretty perfect tonight in my eyes! :-)

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your continued success over the coming terms.

See you Tuesday!"

Best regards



"Dear Bishop's Stortford Gymnastics,

Yesterday I stayed for the whole session and watched as my daughter tried gymnastics for the first time.  I was really impressed by the session and was mentioning this to Niki and she gently prompted me to write so that the coaches would have a chance to hear the highly positive comments I had made to her.

Firstly my overwhelming impression of Matt was what a lovely, kind person.  He was so positive throughout the session I could not imagine him ever having a negative moment.  He was absolutely brimming over with enthusiasm throughout the whole 5 hours.  He really appeared to boost each child's skills and confidence as he was inclusive of all children and valuing all their efforts at whatever level they were working at.  He made it clear to the children what they were working on and when, for them, they had done well; and he competently led the whole group parts.

I was also impressed with Wendy as well.  She had a warm and professional manner throughout and guided the children through a focused and appreciative approach.  Plus she really impressed the children with her own gymnastic skills.

Niki, was also lovely, and efficiently balancing office matters with coaching, and she had a really supportive manner with the smaller children.

The whole session was organized in a calm but fun and exciting manner.  My daughter not only enjoyed the session but I think she left it with new skills, more confidence and an inch higher!

Thank you all very much."


A BIG thank you to all our customers for your continued support.  

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