Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the payment system work?

The link provided in your introductory email (or via this website) will enable you to set up a monthly payment of £37.50 which will be paid by transfer from your bank account. This must be set up prior to attending your first lesson otherwise your place may not be still available.  Please note, that this payment takes 6 days to be processed after set up.  In addition, after you have attended at least one class, £21.50 will be deducted by direct debit for your Annual Insurance Fee.  See below for more information about the Annual Fee.

2. Do you offer trial lessons?

We totally understand that it is a lot of money to commit when some children have never done gymnastics before.   However, we also need some guarantee that you will come along to the class that you have accepted.  Therefore, we ask you to set up your monthly direct debit before the first class, in order to secure your place. If your child does not want to continue after their trial class, please let us know within 24 hours and we will charge you a one-off class fee of £9.20 and refund the rest of the monthly fee. After the initial 24 hours, the notice period is four weeks.

3. When is the Annual Insurance Fee due and what is it for?

After your first class with Stortford Gymnastics, an Annual Fee of £21.50 will be debited from your Go Cardless account. This fee includes the gymnast’s Insurance fee with British Gymnastics. If joining between January to May we charge £14.50, if a child starts between June to August we charge £7.50. Please note, parents will be charged £21.50 every year in September.

4. How can I get my child on your waiting list?

Please click the Enquiries tab on our website and enter all your information, including your preferred classes.  Please ensure that you choose the right class for your child’s age group (use the class schedule to refer to ages & times of classes) otherwise your child may be overlooked because the class is not the right one for them.

5. I have provided my details via the enquiries tab on your website but have not heard anything back from you?

Our system is not able to send out automatic emails in response to your registration but please be assured that if you have filled in the form your child’s details will have been added to the waiting list.

6. How long is your waiting list?

This is very difficult to predict as this is dependent on when children leave. However, as we are a new club (opened in January 2016) we are doing our best to minimise waiting lists by recruiting more coaches and opening new classes. As a general rule, the after-school classes and (especially those on a Saturday morning) are the most difficult classes to get a place in.  There is also a longer waiting list for those children in Years Reception to Year 2 than for those that are Years 3 and above.  Our waiting list for Pre-School classes are much shorter and some classes have spaces immediately.

7. My child has special/ medical requirements, would they be able to attend your classes?

We are a fully inclusive club and will do everything we can to accommodate your child.  Please call Janine on 07808 808815 to discuss your child’s individual situation.

8. What should my child wear for classes?

Children should wear a t-shirt and shorts/leggings or leotard if they have one. T-shirts should not be baggy as these tend to fall down when the children do handstands! All jewellery should be removed, long hair tied back, with no shoes and socks.   Please arrive in plenty of time for the start of the class.

9. Is there a compulsory uniform that I would need to buy if my child starts lessons with you? 

No, there is no compulsory uniform.  However, we have an optional girl’s leotard that can be purchased which we hold in stock at the gym. These are £39.  We also sell club T-shirts at £9 which we encourage the gymnasts to wear with black leggings/shorts.  In addition we sell black lycra shorts for £9 and scrunchies for £3.   

10. Am I able to stay and watch my child do gymnastics? 

Yes, we have a wonderful space for parents to watch through a large glass window.  We have comfortable chairs and a kitchen where you can help yourself to tea/coffee and a biscuit for £1.

11. Is there parking available? 

Yes, we have 12 parking spaces in front of the gym but this can get busy when one class finishes and another starts (hence whilst we leave 5 minutes between classes).  You may find it easier to park in one of the neighbouring residential streets and walk a short way.  On Saturdays, when our neighbouring businesses are closed then parking is much easier.

12.  Why do you not have any classes for children over 12?

The ceilings in our gym are relatively low so we would not want to jeopardise the safety of our gymnasts in any way.  Therefore, we only take on new members that are still at primary school.  However, we would never ask any of our existing children to leave the club. In this instance we offer them a space in our Gym Plus class where the activities are modified for the age of the children. This class is purely for existing members to move to, it is not suitable for beginners.

13. What happens if my child decides that they do not want to continue with their class at Stortford Gymnastics?

Our notice period is 4 weeks. Please let us know by email and we will cancel your direct debit accordingly. Please do not cancel your monthly payment yourself otherwise there may be the need to collect a final payment from you which will incur an admin fee of £10.

14. Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

No, we do not accept Childcare Vouchers.

15. Why do I pay the same in December as every other month, when the club is closed for 2 weeks

The classes are calculated on a pro rata basis i.e the total cost of lessons is spread evenly across 12 months.

16. Why am I paying the same as everyone else for a Monday class, when you do not open on Bank Holidays?

There are no classes on Bank Holiday Mondays. If you let us know in time and there is space, we will endeavour to offer you a replacement class during a school holiday. 

Alternatively, if this is a problem, please let us know and we can move your regular class to another day as soon as a place becomes available. 

17. If my child misses a class, can we do a make-up session?

We offer make-up sessions during the 6 weeks summer holidays when we are less busy.  However, during the rest of the year it is not possible to have extra children in our classes due to our strict coach ratios as directed by British Gymnastics.

18. Does my child have to remove their earrings?

With regards to the wearing of earrings, we follow British Gymnastics guidelines  - details are available on our noticeboard or by clicking on the link below. British Gymnastics states that they can be taped for the first 6 weeks, but after that they need to be taken out. However, you may be able to get direct permission from British Gymnastics to allow them to be taped for longer by contacting them directly on 0845 129 7129.

18. Do children in Pre-School classes automatically get a place in an after-school or weekend class when they start school?

Due to high class numbers, the transition is not automatic or guaranteed. However, please be assured that existing members are given priority over non-members. With this in mind, we start the transition early. Therefore, as spaces become available, we will be offering these to our Pre-School members.

It is a tiring time for children when they start full time school and we have many children dropping out of gymnastics by Christmas as they struggle to cope with an extra-curricular activity. Therefore, please do not worry if you are not offered a place straight away, we will do our utmost to accommodate you asap.

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