At Stortford Gymnastics we follow the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Award Scheme, which starts children at Award 8 and moves towards Award 1.  These awards are designed for Primary School children. See what is required at each level by clicking on the buttons below.  When joining the club, the children will be assessed to see which is the most appropriate level for them to start at, usually they will start at Award 8.  All children are given a booklet which records their Awards progress as well as other significant achievements.  Each child will move onto the next award at their own rate.

After completing Awards 8 down to 1, the children will be moved onto the Advanced Proficiency Awards.  This Award Scheme starts with Bronze and the children must achieve their Bronze Fitness before they can move onto Bronze Floor, Bronze Vault and Bronze Apparatus (Bars & Beam).  Likewise they must achieve their Silver Fitness and Gold Fitness before moving onto these Awards.

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