November Competition (Tumble Runs)

Beam Routines

Level 1: Front support mount, swing leg over beam to star shape, tuck toes behind on beam to stand up. 2 walks with kick, Single foot balance, 2 dip steps, full turn on toes, Star jump dismount

Level 2: Front support mount, swing leg over beam to star shape, swing behind to stand. 2 backward walks, arabesque, half turn/pivot, stretch or tuck jump, forward roll or bunny hop, tuck jump or round off dismount

Level 3: Straddle or squat on, half spin, leap, jump series, I front leg kick, 1 side leg kick, arabesque/Y balance/shoulder stand/ V balance, acrobatic skill, movement with torso close to the beam, round off or other acrobatic dismount


Click on the title of each routine to see a copy of the routine in diagrammatical format.

March Display, Floor Routines

British Gymnastics have a Competition format called Key Steps, which provides a Floor Routine, by school year. At Stortford Gymnastics, all our children are taught these routines, with the opportunity to display them to parents in March each year. These routines are also used by the local primary schools in the Birchwood Sports Partnership and inter-school competitions are held annually around the same time. Please find details of these routines below, in case your children would like to practise for Display Week.

July Display: Core Skills Individual Routines

We have put together a series of core gymnastic skills with some links into a sequence, to be performed to a piece of music. Each gymnast will display the routine, either solo or with a friend if they choose to.

The skills we have chosen cover the foundations of gymnastics, allowing children to choose the skill that they can perform best from the list below.


Straight Jump

Tuck Jump

Star Jump

Half turn

Full turn


Monkey jump


Double Cartwheels

One-handed cartwheel



Bunny Hop

Kick to handstand

Handstand Forward Roll

Handstand 1/2 turn

Handstand full turn


Rock and Roll (to stand)

Forward Roll (to straddle)

Backward Roll (to straddle)

Backward roll to handstand


One foot balance


Shoulder Stand

Frog balance




Back bend

Handstand Bridge (&stand)

Fwd Walkover

Bkd walkover


March Display, Floor Routines

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