Class Pricing

After School and Weekend Classes, including Gym Plus

£37.50 each month for a weekly class; Fees are paid by Direct Debit.

Classes run throughout the year except 2 weeks at Christmas, 10 days at Easter, and Bank Holiday Mondays in May and August. The monthly payment is the same every month, as it takes account of the holiday breaks. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay the monthly fee by any other method.

Pre-School classes

Leaping Lions; £35.50 each month for a weekly class

Courageous Cats; £30.50 each month for a weekly class

Classes run throughout the year except 2 weeks at Christmas, 10 days at Easter, and Bank Holiday Mondays in May and August. Pre School classes also close for the last 2 weeks in August. 

Squad Classes 

A different pricing structure applies to Squad classes, according to the number of sessions you are invited to attend.

Annual Membership Fee £21.50

The Annual Membership Fee of £21.50 will be debited from your Go Cardless account. This fee includes your child's insurance with British Gymnastics. If joining between January to May we charge £14.50, if a child starts between June to August we charge £7.50. Please note parents will be charged £21.50 every year in September.

Go Cardless

All payments (both monthly and one-off payments) are set up using a system called Go Cardless.  A link will be sent to you or you can use the link below. We are often asked what will appear on your statement. When Go Cardless send a payment request to our customers’ banks, they also send a reference alongside the payment of 'Stortford Gymnastics'. 

However, some banks do not print this reference on their statements, so it may just appear as 'Go Cardless'. If you are in any doubt as to what the payment is for, please get in touch with your bank who will be able to provide you with the full reference so you can identify what the payment is for.

Other Payments

All payments can be done using the Go Cardless scheme. Our optional uniform of Club T-shirt (£9), Leotard (£39), Black Shorts (£8). Scrunchies (£3) can all be charged to your bank account using Go Cardless, as can Badges and Certificates (£4),  Birthday Parties, Holiday Workshops etc.

Summer Holidays

Our Summer Holiday Scheme is for those children who attend our after-school classes. (This does not apply to Pre School Classes).

During school holidays, our classes are understandably quieter as many of you take your holidays. We realise that this means that you are paying for classes that you are unable to make, whilst we have coaches in the gym that are not fully utilised.

Therefore, you are able to make up any classes that you have missed, within the 6 week holiday period. Between 24th July and 1st September you will be able to come along to a maximum of 6 lessons, and we will record your attendance on our register. The classes that you come along to must be suitable for your child’s age group, click here for our timetable

More details will be advertised on Facebook and our Website nearer the time. 

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